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WHO Report Finds No Public Health Risks Or Abuse Potential For CBD

CBD has made another stride in becoming an everyday household item in America. Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) released a report stated they found no adverse health outcomes but rather several

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Stranger than THC

The Secret Cannabinoid 300 Percent More Potent Than THC

With THC crystals reaching close to 100 percent THC, we didn’t think weed could get much stronger. That is until we discovered THC-O-acetate, another psychoactive cannabinoid, said to be two to three

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Baltimore Preps For Dispensaries

Baltimore Murdaland Preps For First Medical Dispensaries

  In North Baltimore’s bustling Hampden neighborhood, a medical marijuana dispensary dubbed Chesapeake Integrated Health Institute is setting up shop inside a former cabinet hardware store. A mile

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DEA: Feds Won’t Arrest CBD Oil Users, Neither Should Indiana

When Scott Wampler picked up his 11-month-old son and felt a lump near his abdomen, he immediately suspected something wasn’t right. “I knew as soon as I felt it that it wasn’t just

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