The Effects of Coenzyme Q10 on Fibromyalgia

The positive effects of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) on fibromyalgia will be a wonderful revelation for thousands of people who suffer from this debilitating condition.

Perhaps, you tried the limited medications that are available; however, as for many people, they had limited or no effect on the symptoms.

Unfortunately, so many people have resorted to dangerous and addictive drugs, in order to endure the pain. Nevertheless, those drugs don’t help the other symptoms that go along with fibromyalgia.Coenzyme q10 for fibromyalgia

You may be seeking a way to treat the illness with natural alternatives as well.

If any of that is familiar, this article was written for you. In addition to making a tremendous difference in the lives of fibromyalgia sufferers, CoQ10 is a natural supplement without the addiction or harsh side-effects of many other medications.

We will discuss CoQ10, what it is, and how it affects fibromyalgia.

This article is part of our Fibromyalgia Series where we break down how different vitamins and foods affect fibromyalgia symptoms. Be sure to check them all out soon! Click here!


What Is CoQ10?

What Is CoQ10

In simple terms, CoQ10 is naturally produced by our body from the food we eat and is in almost every cell in our bodies. Our cells use CoQ10 to produce the energy required for their growth and maintenance.

It also acts as an antioxidant that guards the body from harmful molecules, which could interfere with the body’s vital functions.

When CoQ10 is taken alone or in combination with other vitamins and minerals, it makes a positive difference in combating the multiple symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Mitochondria And Oxidative Stress

Mitochondria is the driving force in our cells that converts the food we eat into energy. It produces over 90% of the energy required by the body to function correctly.

It also produces free radicals, which create and repair new mitochondria; however, too many free radicals can be harmful to our cells. Therefore, after mitochondria does its job, the free radicals are destroyed by the anti-oxidants from CoQ10.

When a CoQ10 deficiency occurs, mitochondria may be unable to keep up with the body’s necessary production of energy, which is called oxidative stress.

Damage to Mitochondria can also be caused by inflammation in the body, stress, and consuming excessive amounts of sugar and carbs.

Studies are showing that this progression of events is related to fibromyalgia. Mitochondria dysfunction and oxidative stress may have a part in the development of fibromyalgia and contribute to the symptoms.

How Does Treatment With CoQ10 Affect Fibromyalgia?


CoQ10, mitochondria, and Oxidative stress are frequently found in people with fibromyalgia.

Since a deficiency in CoQ10 can be associated with mitochondria and Oxidative stress dysfunctions, it makes sense that supplementation to increase the CoQ10 level is proving to significantly improve many fibromyalgia symptoms.

In other words, the best treatment for a CoQ10 deficiency is supplementation with CoQ10.

The Effects of CoQ10 on the Physical Aspects of Fibromyalgia

Although the symptoms of fibromyalgia are different from person to person, the one they all have in common is pain.

In one study, 11 patients who were given 100 mg of CoQ10 every day for 40 days, had a significant reduction in pain, inflammation, tender points on the body, stiffness, and fatigue.

Furthermore, out of the 11 people, pain was completely resolved in two, weakness was entirely relieved in three, and cramps disappeared in two.

Preliminary studies indicate that CoQ10 may be an effective treatment for other physical conditions, such as high blood pressure, heart conditions, diabetes, and many more.

The Effects Of CoQ10 On The Psychological Aspects Of Fibromyalgia

Those with fibromyalgia are quite frequently diagnosed with depression and suffer from anxiety.

It is thought by the National Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Association that those conditions are not brought on by fibromyalgia. However, they believe that depression and anxiety are a result of the pain, loss of sleep, chronic fatigue, and other fibromyalgia symptoms.

Regardless of the cause, treatment with CoQ10 is showing improvements in psychological symptoms, including depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive behavior, hostility, and others.

Fibro Fog

The brain, heart, kidneys, muscles, and liver, contain the highest concentrations of CoQ10; therefore, they require more energy to function properly.

One of the roles of CoQ10 is to preserve the brain’s function and prevent deterioration. Decreased levels of CoQ10 and dysfunction of mitochondria can result in brain fog, recognition problems, and poor recollection.

It was found that after taking CoQ10, the neuron’s energy improved to almost normal levels and increased the brain’s blood flow. It has proven quite beneficial in the treatment of fibro fog.

It is hopeful that with further research, it may also be useful in the treatment of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Huntington’s diseases in the future.

How To Raise Your CoQ10 Levels

A typical blood test doesn’t usually show if you have a problem with mitochondria; however, there are specific tests your doctor can run to determine whether it’s functioning properly.

Low levels of CoQ10 can lead to serious health conditions that can be rectified simply by replacing it. Many people are discovering that most of their fibromyalgia symptoms are simultaneously decreased after taking CoQ10 for a relatively short time. Every Day Optimal’s new Fibromyalgia CBD contains 22.5mg’s of CoQ10 as well as 16 other vitamins and minerals, including CBD.

The main method of treating CoQ10 and mitochondria problems is with CoQ10 supplementation in combination with other vitamins and minerals such as turmeric, Acetyl L-Carnite, magnesium, black pepper extracts, and others.

A water-soluble formulation of CoQ10 has been designed, nevertheless, it’s best to take it with food. In that way, it slows down in the small intestines, thereby giving it more time to become absorbed.


Although many more studies are necessary and forthcoming, the results of CoQ10 are already proving to be remarkable and researchers are optimistic in its treatment of fibromyalgia and many other illnesses.

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